Our Partners

Since My Sardinian Farm was just a dream, we knew that the import work would require a lot of commitment and professional involvement, whose seriousness and experience could determine the success of our project. 

The long search for the gastronomic excellence of our island was only the first step. Importing to the United States also means having all the necessary skills and relying on a valid importer with experience in the sector.

It was then that we came across "Pangea Export USA" and "Savino del Bene"; two companies well known internationally, with offices in the United States, which have been dealing with imports from Italy to the USA for years

Pangea Export USA is a company based in Los Angeles, California, which works in the internationalizations of italian excellences in United States and South Corea.

Very often, language barriers, complex regulations and high costs, direct and indirect, prevent small local realities from being present in the markets that "require" a solid and continuous image on the territory.
Being able to export products to countries with a catchment area of ​​hundreds of millions of possible buyers and a purchasing power among the highest at the moment, is certainly the right choice.

We thank Pangea for the dedication, commitment and availability with which it strives to support all our producers and our company, in the small and large import challenges

Pangea Export USA - L'export a portata di tutti



Savino Del Bene is a multinational company operating worldwide in international shipments and logistics support services. Established in Florence in 1899, over the decades the company has grown and specialized to reach its actual position as the largest Italian shipping company.

With a network of more than 282 offices and over 4.400 employees across the five continents, the company manages air, sea, and land transport services through established relationships with the best carriers. When requested, it offers tailor-made logistics solutions for the shipment and distribution of any type of merchandise.

To support the shipping and logistics process, the internal company Savino Del Bene IT develops and proposes a myriad of solutions that minimize risks, costs, and distribution times. Operating in complete transparency and with secure data and transactions, the traceability of flows and the exchange of information with the customer and its information systems are guaranteed.



We also thank Savino del Bene for the constant support and care provided to our shipments of Sardinian products to the United States