About Us

Dear customers we want to introduce ourselves. We are Andrea and Francesca and in 2019 we moved to America to change our lives and to be active gears of a nation that we have always looked upon with admiration, from overseas.

We come from a magnificent land, Sardinia, a wild paradise full of history, where unspoiled nature and quality of life have facilitated longevity and where our centenarians can still transmit to the new generations the importance of traditions and healthy human values

As islanders and inhabitants of southern Italy, we have always been very attached to the traditions and culinary culture of our land.


Ever since our arrival here in America we have always had the desire to bring a piece of Sardinia overseas, to be able to find the scents and flavors with which we grew up and from which we had to separate, but above all to share them with all those who now they represent my new American family.

An already precarious economic situation, further plagued by the arrival of Covid19, has forced many artisan friends and small producers to struggle in their activities, dreaming of opening up to new markets and breaking down the borders of our island. It is with these assumptions that My Sardinian Farm was born, a small company founded by the union of a dream and a need.

We would like that every American could experience a pinch of that legacy and that culture in their own homes.

This is our dream and we hope to surprise you with the genuineness of our products that will be familiar to you when you decide to visit our island.