Corax Extra Virgin Olive Oil - DOP Sardegna oz 16.9

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Azienda Agricola Piras Francesco

CORAX P.D.O. Sardinian Fruity extra-virgin olive oil, the flagship of Corax company, expresses and enhances all the best qualities and the typical peculiarities of the oils of Sardinia Island, which is a generous land with thousands of years of olive-growing. It is made from only one variety of olive, the Bosana, being meticulously attentive to the discipline of production, which lays down precise rules in order to achieve a final product that is genuine and of very high quality. It belongs to the category of intensely fruity, characteristic for its fragrance of green olives, with notes of artichoke and thistle, and for a balanced taste, with strong bitter and pungent notes. 

It's recommended for use as a condiment for red meats and fish, it's also excellent when used raw as a dressing for salads or vegetables.

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