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Are you a Sardinian producer who wants to invest in the American market?Welcome, you are in the right place!

We are a company born from the great love for our land and from the project to make Sardinian excellence known in the United States. We are always looking for unique and quality products to be included in our catalog: Our goal is to get 100% made in Sardinia and you can help us!

Before entering the American market, your products must be certified and compliant. We have started a strong collaboration with "Pangea", an Italian company which helps our producers to get the necessary certifications to export to United States of America. 

Due to the pandemic, the Italian economy has suffered a setback and focusing on foreign markets is a good strategy to create a constant flow and expand your business.There are many products from our Region that are not present on the American market and which are highly demanded. 

Our goal is to make the quality of our products known in US, but same for the traditions and history of our land. We look forward to being your showcase and logistics point in America.

By the end of 2021 we plan to expand our catalog and you can be part of it.
Whether you are a small or a large manufacturer, we are at your disposal to give you the information you need to export your product to the United States


Why invest in America

In the first quarter of 2020, Italian sales of packaged food and beverages on the US market reached a new high point. Packaged agri-food products reached 1225 million euros, with a trend increase (current quarter on corresponding quarter of 2019) of + 15.9% in values ​​in euros.

The growth rate shown by the Italian sales of packaged food and beverages on the US market is decidedly more accelerated than the - albeit positive - trend of the other foreign competitors present on the market (estimated growth of + 8.5% in euro values)

In the first quarter of the year, the new high points were scored, in particular by Italy of Alcoholic Beverages (with a quarterly increase of about 127 million euros, equal to + 26.4%), Milk, yogurt, butter and cheese (+33 million euros, equal to + 45.2%), Biscuits and other baked goods (+ 21.5%).
The positive trend in Italian sales of processed and packaged meat and fish and of processed and packaged vegetables and fruit should also be noted.

In a context of widespread growth on the American Made in Italy agri-food market

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